2017 Oct 29 English Service

What is Your Priority?

Special Speaker: Sam Wallston

A priority is something that is important to us or we care about that we will then show by our deeds. As a believer, our traditional view of the hierarchy of our priorities consists of God, family and work. Is this what the word of God says? We care for our family, but Christ asks us as His disciples to put Him first over our families and even ourselves and our earthly treasures. (Luke 14:26-27; Col 1:18: Matt 6:21). We would desire and worship Him and Him alone as “we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things shall be added to you.” (Matt 6:33)

Sam illustrated that our interests follow our investments, just like in stock investing when we follow how a share of stock is faring. When we invest in God and His cause, our focus will be on God, our interest will be an keeping our eye on Him and developing a growing relationship with Him, and we invest on what He has blessed us with.

Early after his Christian conversion, Sam’s prayer was, “If you will use me to bring 5 to 10 people to Jesus, that will be the ultimate blessing for me.” Now after 13 years, Sam has seen God answering and continue to answer this prayer. God has been leading him to personal divine appointments and sharing the word of God over media that multitudes have come to profess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and are being discipled. Indeed, as Jesus loved Sam, this love extended abroad to others. (John 13:34-35). Sam’s very recent testimonies of specific encounters with several people during his travel led him to let people see the love of Jesus through prophecy and healings even as God protected him from danger.

Our priority to choose God and focus on Him affords Him the joy of letting us bear fruit, loving one another and that our fruit should remain (John 15:16). The fruit remains despite such pressures as strong winds and pests. Sam’s recent challenge saw him seeking God on an interesting opportunity that could have the potential of changing his focus, but God spoke to him to remain where he is and see much fruit for the Kingdom of God. Sam reminded us that the Lord has put a calling on each one of us and set us in the church. God’s love compels us to also love each other despite our differences, forgiving one another, overlooking our idiosyncrasies, not running away, but remaining where we are and seeing God’s destiny for us and the glory of His Kingdom.

In Christ,

Willy Reyes

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