2018 Feb 07 E-letter

Dear Church Family,

The words of Psalms 136:1, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His steadfast love endures forever” fills our heart as we see how the Lord has been watching over us and guiding us through this new season of life at CPBC.

We have started the year with an emphasis on discipleship with Matthew 4:19 as the key scripture and a 5-part preaching series on “Laying the Foundations”. As a church we have revisited the DNA of who we are – disciples who are Connected to GOD, Committed to GROW and having Compassion to GO. Our relational connectivity with God and others, the maturing of our lives and our missional engagements are markers with which we can gauge the vibrancy of our lives and the discipleship process. Click here to watch or listen to the series.

Our Sunday celebrations, cell groups, interest groups, NETs courses and local & overseas missions are the tracks on which the “discipleship train” is travelling on. These along with the undergirding of prayer, the partnership of the Holy Spirit and mutual love, respect and honour for one another sets us up for an exciting journey ahead!

We will next be embarking on a preaching series from the Epistle of James, entitled “Practical Truth at Work”. It will be a series of inspirational messages that provides practicality to living authentic and impactful lives. The epistle of James was written to Jewish Christians who were scattered to different regions of the Roman Empire and beyond due to the persecution they faced right after the stoning of Stephen. They were facing many trials and their faith was being polluted and diluted by the influences of the pagan society they lived in. James exhorts and reminds these believers to have a right perspective of their situation and engage in right living which honours God. These are some of the same challenges we face as we live in a fallen and degenerating world. The exhortations from James are so needed and relevant for us in our day-to-day living. You can view the topics that will be covered through this sermon series in our announcement below.

We want to encourage you to bring your family and friends to the Sunday Celebrations during this sermon series, and why not your cell groups too? For those of you who are yet to be a part of our cell groups here at CPBC, our invitation is for you to join one and enjoy the study on the Epistle of James along with others in the cell. Feel free to approach any of the pastors and we will be glad to help you.

Our final exhortation to you through this newsletter is for us to engage in fervent prayer for our church. There are pockets of intercession going on at various levels and we are crying out to God for “Fresh Wind and Fire”, for the strengthening of our hearts and renewal in our spirit or in short, a REVIVAL! We will soon be having a corporate time of prayer but meanwhile as individuals, in your families and in the cells, let’s press in to seek His face, pour out our hearts to Him and align ourselves to His ways!

With much love and appreciation.

On behalf of the Pastoral Team

Ps. Timothy Das

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