2017 Dec 17 English Service


Special Speaker: Akila Esther

We were blessed on Sunday to hear from a very special guest speaker from India. Pastor Akila Esther was born in Coimbatore City, India and was raised in a devout Hindu family. She was a serious-minded young woman and became a religious leader and teacher. In spite of her devotion, she had regular thoughts of suicide and frequent times of spiritual darkness and depression.

Her maid began witnessing to her about how to have a personal relationship with God and how to experience His love and forgiveness. She persecuted this humble woman for sharing Christ with her but the maid persisted and Esther eventually visited a church. She heard the Gospel, received prayer for deliverance and began a journey with Christ. She experienced beatings and persecution from her husband and had to hide her Bible from him. In spite of great opposition in her home and community, she began to experience personal transformation as she came to know Jesus and discover her own new identity in Him. Today, she is a changed woman and now shares her insights and experiences in many different countries.

Her message was a message of joy and a testimony to His faithfulness. In spite of having a limited education and being told all of her life that she was not good enough, she has discovered the powerful truth that in Christ, we are all exceptional, extraordinary human beings! You can watch or listen to our extraordinary guest speaker at the links below!

Have a joyful, blessed and wonderful Christmas!

Ps George

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