2017 Dec 10 English Service

Special Speaker: Bryan Leong

Our speaker on Sunday was our own congregation member, Bryan Leong. Bryan has a rich background in leadership, discipleship and missions. He formerly served with Calvary Charismatic Centre (now known as Victory Family Centre) and was sent out on church planting teams in the inner cities of Los Angeles and Seattle, Washington. Since becoming part of our church family at CPBC, Bryan and his wife, Adelene, have been involved with cell leadership (Adelene) and our Church Missions Committee (Bryan).

I want to encourage you to listen to both the testimony and the message that Bryan brought on Sunday. His life really has modelled what it means to answer God’s invitation to take steps of faith. He also spoke of some of the obstacles to doing this. People who walk in faith will experience spiritual opposition. There is a devil who will try to deceive, discourage and destroy but these attacks actually train and strengthen us to take even bigger steps of faith and to exercise our spiritual authority in Christ and see His victory established in the battles we fight.

Bryan pointed us to the story of Abraham and the challenges he faced when going into the land that God showed him. Everything seemed stacked against him but his step by step journey of faith brought him into the fulfilment of God’s promise to give him the land and descendants that could not be numbered. The same is not true for Abraham’s nephew Lot. Bryan pointed out that while the spiritual opposition was represented by the Canaanite people who occupied the land, there was also a second point of temptation that is demonstrated by Abraham’s nephew.

Lot was a carnal man who followed his eyes and appetites and who took the path of least resistance. He eventually ended up in Sodom and the sad story of what happened there (judgment, destruction, loss of his wife and his drunken, incestuous relationships with his daughters) serves as a warning to us. Lot is a picture of our human flesh; that part of us that wants satisfaction and fulfilment even if it costs us our spiritual inheritance. Just as Abraham brought Lot along on his journey of faith, so you and I bring our appetites, ungodly thoughts, impulses and desires along with us as we follow Christ. Many believers have been shipwrecked by their flesh and we should take notice not only of the external dangers of our spiritual enemies, but also of those lingering internal temptations to do wrong and waste our lives on what is ultimately worthless.

I encourage you to listen to the message and be reminded that “God does not want the things that we have, but He does want to keep the things that we have from having us!”

Avoiding pitfalls and taking the next steps of faith,

Ps George

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