Losing Weight and Running the Race

Håkan and his family were part of our church family for 10 years before they moved back to their home nation of Sweden. The amazing ministry of Touching Asia has been impacting peoples and advancing God’s Kingdom for more than 30 years. Our partnership with this ministry continues to bear fruit in evangelism, church planting, leadership training and rescuing victims of human trafficking. Out of Ashes tells the moving story of the rescue operation for the Badi girls in Nepal which has emerged as a key aspect of Håkan’s ministry.

The subject for Sunday, however, was not primarily about the work of Touching Asia but about the race that we run as followers of Jesus and the things that can slow us down as described in Hebrews 12:1

So what are these weights and sins that can wreck our race? Håkan gave us an unforgettable illustration with a backpack filled with unusual objects. Each object had a name and a meaning that everyone could identify with. There was a hammer named 'Criticism', a fragile glass cup called 'Rejection' and many other symbolic items that speak about the burdens and brokenness that are common to everyone.

Let me ask a you a question. What is in your backpack? Is it time to unpack and unburden yourself from needless weights, problems, regrets and cares? Have you experienced the divine exchange that happens when you trade your burdens for the amazing grace and forgiveness of Christ? Here is the message and meaning of the cross: Jesus took on the sins, faults and failures of the world so that we could be unburdened. We can exchange our weights for His freedom and forgiveness.

Instead of being weighed down, let Jesus lift you up!

Let’s get running,

Ps George

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