Identity Issues pt 4: Unveiled, Confident, Filled

The first three chapters of Ephesians contain 66 verses that lay out the hidden mysteries and treasures of our salvation and our new identity in Christ. The list of blessings, provisions and privileges described here is deep, wide and worth exploring. Here are marvelous and miraculous gifts, the display of God’s grace, mercy and love all expressed through the person and work of our Lord Jesus.

In Chapter 3, Paul shines the light of revelation on the once hidden plan of God which is now unveiled not only to His holy apostles and prophets (3:5), but to all the saints (every believer is a saint, there is no holy hierarchy here) and members of Christ’s body (3:6,10). Not only that, but as we learn to appropriate and walk in the unsearchable riches of Christ (3:8), the church actually demonstrates the manifold grace, wisdom and power of God to all of creation, including “the principalities and powers in the heavenly places” (3:10). 

There is more to our salvation and God’s purpose for us than we realised! Now, as fellow heirs and partakers of God’s promises in Christ, we have confident access to the Father (3:12) and the limitless strength that comes from being “filled with all the fullness of God” (3:19). The Holy Spirit is ready and eager to work mightily in us, the question is, “Are we letting Him?”

So many people are missing out on all of the riches of Christ simply because they are ignorant and unaware of what is theirs. Hosea 4:6 says that God’s people are cut off, even suffer ruin because of a lack of knowledge and the failure to appropriate what has been given to us. On Sunday, I shared 2 prophetic pictures that describe this. These visions were given to a member of our congregation and are worth considering.

First, was an impression of a woman giving birth in the operating theatre. Some of us have dreams that seem long overdue and we have been waiting so long for the time they will appear. The Father is saying - It is not time to abort those dreams. It is time to give birth. You feel so pregnant. Don't give up! You just need to push through. It's for this moment that you have been tarrying for and it is time to give birth to those dreams I have laid upon your heart. 

Second, there was a gift box wrapped up with ribbon. There is a sense of reluctance or doubt about opening up the gift box. Know that this is a gift from the Father and when you are willing to open it up, there are treasures waiting for you. If we choose not to open it, we would only look at what the Father has given but not possess it fully. Go ahead and unpack the spiritual gifts He has given to you so you can display and manifest Him. Don't just stare at the gifts but use them to glorify Him.

I encourage you to weigh the words above and take them to heart. Something good is waiting for you! The things you have dreamed of and prayed for and even travailed over are coming to the point of birth so don’t give up. Go ahead and receive the gifts of the Father. He is waiting for you to walk in your inheritance!

Grateful for His good gifts,

Ps George

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