Identity Issues pt 3: Alive, Raised, Seated

The book of Ephesians has a lot to say about who we are in Christ! In fact, the letters of Paul are loaded with insight about our new position as chosen, beloved children of God who have received His gracious gift of salvation and who have been made alive, raised to life and seated with Jesus in the high heavens. Our true worth and deepest identity is found in what He has done for us and what He says about us. We also discover who we really are and who God made us to be by looking fully and deeply into the heart of our creator and redeemer. Since He is the very source of our life, the more we get to know Him, the more we will understand His purpose and design in making and then in re-creating us in Christ.

God is a gift-giver, a promise keeper, a blessing bestower, a radical lover, a forgiving father, a job finisher. He is fantastically faithful, wonderfully wise and genuinely generous. He is a powerful protector, a demon demolisher, a devil defeater and a condemnation crusher. Jesus came as a suffering servant but became a winning warrior, our viceroy of victory, our celebrated champion, our salvation superstar. He is our king above all kings who reigns and rules in righteousness. He declares and demonstrates His dominion, He rose up to release a revolution and He will return riding a white horse in regal robes. Jesus is the steadfast shepherd, the perfect priest, the sufficient sacrifice. He is the mighty morning star, the established and everlasting Lord, the whole, will and word of the Father, the exact expression of everything in God’s heart. He is the healer and holy One, the restorer and rescuer of our souls. He is the master of miracles and supreme in the supernatural!

What else is there to say? He is our everything and in Him, we find the answers to every question and issue of life. The more you get to know Him, the more all of life will make sense and take on new meaning and purpose. 

Take delight in Him and become fully aware of your privileged position as a chosen child of our great King. He has made you fully alive, raised you to the heights and seated you securely with Him. What we see from above is amazing and it changes the way we understand our circumstances down here. A heavenly perspective makes all the difference when it comes to living a life worthy of his high calling here on earth.

Enjoying the view with you,

Ps George

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