Unraveling Our Sexuality


This past weekend at CPBC, we had the privilege of witnessing the gathering of saints for the simple purpose of loving others; more specifically learning to love one another, especially those who are sexually broken. With the gathering of 139 participants from over 27 different churches and organizations over 3 days, there is evidence that this is perhaps a felt desire.

The I Heart Pink conference (IHP), organized and hosted by CPBC, is making its second run this year. Last year we had called for everyone to have our Love Redefined and this year our theme is Love Unravelled. The purpose is to unravel what the Bible says about God’s love and the Church’s approach to love those struggling with sexual issues and the LGBT community.

We are aware that God absolutely loves people regardless of their sexuality. However, the church and Christians are still sadly, and very often, perceived as judgemental to the sexually broken and reactionary and homophobic to gay people. How much of this was the church’s own doing in the past or perhaps an unfair UnravelledLogoaccusation of the church is not for us to say. However, in organizing IHP, our hope is for each participant to take a step toward reversing this perception and bringing people – especially those who struggle sexually – to an understanding that God loves them.

On Sunday, Rev. Tryphena Law concluded with the 5th sermon on our Unravelled Sermon Series and also summed up the conference with a message on Unravelling our Sexuality.

Let me encourage you to view and listen to this sermon, the excellent messages by our 3 plenary speakers, 3 workshop speakers and also the 6 very sincere testimonies at the "Sermons" page.

Have a great week ahead.
Ps Simon.


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