Breaking the Condemnation Barrier


Breaking the Condemnation Barrier
Ps Joyce Butron

Condemnation is a persistent enemy and it can strike anyone. The word condemnation carries the thought of a judgment against wrongdoing. In a strict legal sense, it conveys the thought of a verdict executed against a transgressor. Condemnation is costly. Sometimes it is emotional in nature, creating a lot of negative feelings or it can be more intellectual with your mind becoming a court where accusations are lodged against you. Either way, condemnation can undermine your confidence and self-worth, stop your forward progress and sabotage your relationship with God. Want some examples?

  • Someone who feels like a failure because they are struggling in their devotions
  • Someone who is guilty because of an unkept promise
  • Someone who compares themselves with others and comes up short
  • Someone who cannot forget a past mistake or painful experience

Condemnation is a terrible companion, a poor motivator and a destabilizing force. We were not designed to live under condemnation and there is a place of true freedom from this heavy burden. God is calling us to a place where we are willing to surrender ourselves fully to Him and this includes laying aside the condemnation that comes from the devil, others or ourselves.

Self-condemnation actually gives the devil the day off because we end up doing his work for him! Thank God that he created us to experience the freedom, forgiveness and wholeness that Christ brings. The JB Philips translation of I John 3:21 puts it like this: “And if, dear friends of mine, when we realize this our hearts no longer accuse us, we may have the utmost confidence in God’s presence.” We need to choose to walk in confidence in God’s grace and victory over debilitating condemnation.

Here are some declarations to help us break the condemnation barrier:

  • I was spiritually dead- but now God has made me alive (Eph 2:4)
  • I am called to keep God’s commandments-I can’t on my own, but by the power of the Holy Spirit in me I now have all the help I need (Jn 14:15-18)
  • I am not good enough in myself-but Christ justifies me and makes me righteous and because of Christ I will never face God’s condemnation (2 Cor 5:21)
  • I cannot live the Christian life in my own efforts-but Christ in me allows me to live by faith (Gal 2:20)
  • There are things I will not be good at-but God created and called me to serve him with good works (Eph 2:10)

We can be the people that God has called us to be and that includes being “condemnation free”!

We can give the devil a taste of his own medicine by reminding ourselves and him that we are new creations in Christ and are no longer under condemnation. He on the other hand, is heading towards a very hot and condemning conclusion.

Free indeed,

Ps George

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