Breaking the Death Barrier


Jesus came to earth to destroy the works and dominion of the devil (I John 3:8) and he did it in several ways. He destroyed the devil’s authority by overcoming every temptation and refusing all offers of power (Luke 4). He destroyed the power of demons, sickness and disease by “healing all who were oppressed by the devil” (Acts 10:38). He broke the sin barrier when he died on the cross and offered himself as an atonement for our sins (I John 2:2). His ultimate victory, however, was over the power of death and this barrier was broken when He rose from the dead on Easter morning!

Here is the plain truth about why Jesus came to earth. Think of the statements below as spiritual statistics.

The death rate for the human race is 100% (everyone dies)

The failure rate for the human race is 100% (everyone sins)

The arrival rate of people going to either heaven or hell is 100% (everyone either goes to heaven or to hell)

The success rate of Jesus over sin, sickness and the devil is 100% (He has never lost a bout!)

The assurance of the devil’s final destruction in the lake of fire as 100% (Rev 22:10)

The love of God towards every man, woman and child is 100% (He loves every human completely and eternally-John 3:16)

The assurance of the free gift of salvation to every person is 100% (all we have to do is receive the gift!)

The completeness of Christ’s work on the cross is 100% (though many people still think they have to do something to contribute to or earn their salvation, Jesus has fully done and paid for everything!)

Jesus has 100% broken the death barrier so you could have life, salvation, freedom, forgiveness, victory and the assurance of heaven. With a track record and an offer like that, the only appropriate response is to give yourself 100% to Him!

Riding the wave of His success,

Ps George

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