Picture this! Engaging the unengaged to worship the King

Psalm 96 is a joyful response of worship glorifying God for who He is. It was written based upon David’s worship of God found in 1 Chronicles 16, when the Ark of the Covenant was returned to its proper place in Jerusalem.

The context into which Psalm 96 was written was during the time when those who were captured and taken into exile, were returning back to Jerusalem and worshipping the sovereign God who had rescued them and brought them back home. 

This Psalm is of great significance to us because through the cross of Jesus Christ, God has rescued us from the captivity of our sin and eternal damnation; this psalm is our call to worship the sovereign One who not only created us but who also has saved us and called us His own

But we must not miss the fact that this psalm is really a missions psalm. The words of this psalm were written to remind the nation of Israel that the blessings of God were never intended just for them. This psalm reminds us that there is a much greater purpose than just living for ourselves. 

We are called to do three main things as we see it from this Psalm:


  1. Worship and declare God’s glory to the nations – worship God for who He is. Worship Him with New Songs and thankful hearts. But most importantly declare His praises in the nations (vs 1-3)
  2. Call on the nations to join in the worship – call them to respond to God’s offer of Salvation and invite them to join in the worship of the King (vs 7-9)
  3. Warn of judgement and highlight hope (vs 13) – speak about the return of the Lord and the judgement that awaits all. Speak of hope that those who believe in Jesus have eternal life and rewards.

We thank God and celebrate how God has been using CPBC in engaging the unengaged both here locally as well as among the nations. Through the efforts of Club ministries (hobby club for elderly, reading club and home visitations) we are declaring His praises in Clementi. Through the Praise Dance ministries we have had the joy of reaching the residents of Clementi and Yew Tee with God’s love. Through the efforts of Highpoint Community Services and its subsidiary Dayspring, we are reaching out to various disadvantaged segments of our society presenting hope, help and healing through the Lord and practical means. We have counted it a joy to serve among them.  There is vibrancy in the Migrants outreach for Zhu Ai Zhi Jia & Indian Friends Group at Desker Centre. We do this in partnership with Health Serve. CWAM is also vital in this as they minister to our Filipino brethren.

Missions beyond our backyard is a high priority for us. We recognise ourselves to be world Christians and a global church with a responsibility both individually and corporately to carry out the great commission by living out what we have just learned from Ps.96. We have a spiritual stake among unreached peoples in India, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria and the Middle East Nations. Through, praying, giving, going and sending we are participating in God’s global purposes. We thank God and celebrate for all these privileges and we thank God for you who are actively participating in God’s work with His grace and glory as your motivation.

The Missions challenge for us in 2017


1.Increased intercession for the nations – individual, families, cells and in church.

  • Adoption for Intercession
  • Bi-monthly prayer updates

2. Faith filled giving for mission

-What is faith promise giving?

A faith promise for missions is an expression of my obedience to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all people.” When I commit to give in faith, I do not rely on my limited resources, but on God’s UNLIMITED resources.

It is above and beyond your tithes and offering.

-Is Faith Promise Scriptural?

The principle of faith promise giving is found in 2 Corinthians 8 - 9. Verse 3 of chapter 8 uses the expressions “to their power” and “beyond their power” (KJV). “To their power” refers to tithes and offerings—or, known sources of income. “Beyond their power” relates in a special way to faith promise giving: beyond known sources of income, looking to the Lord in faith for the way He will enable them to give.

"They gave of themselves as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. . . . See that you also excel in this grace of giving…Your plenty will supply what they need"-- II Corinthians 8:3, 7, 14

3. Go out to the fields

  • participate in local outreaches
  • go on short mission trip
  • respond to that call to step out into the nations as missionaries 



Ps Timothy



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