Crossover Service

6th January 2017

A seasoned minister and disciple-maker recently observed that there are many key practises and habits in the lives of growing disciples. However, there is one habit that is the foundation of all the rest. Here are two key observations from Eric Geiger.

  1. Reading the Bible matters more than anything else. Reading the Bible is the number one predictor for spiritual growth. Quite simply, those who read the Scripture grow.
  2. The discipline of Bible engagement impacts every other discipline. Some spiritual disciplines do not impact others. As an example, someone who serves may not be generous in giving. Engagement in the Word impacts every other discipline. Someone who lets the Word dwell in them simultaneously gives, serves, confesses sin, shares the gospel, etc.

As we begin the new year, we are encouraging everyone to take up the challenge of reading through the Bible in 2017. At our crossover service on 31 December, Mike Reyes brought us an amazing message on the power of God’s Word. I highly recommend that you listen to this sermon! I also want to encourage you to do more than listen; to act on the opportunity to deeply engage yourself with God’s Word. Below are some easy ways for you to get started.

  1. The Printed Word 
    You may select your reading plan from the columns on your Bible Reading Plan Bookmark or from the Reading Plan, which you can find a link under the "Resources" menu at the top of the page. If you’d like to read only the New Testament, the first column will include your reading for the day. You may prefer to read the entire Bible (both Old and New Testaments) instead; your readings for the day will then include both columns.

  2. The Online Word 
    You may click here to access the Solid Life Reading Plan in-browser reading app from The Rock church. You may also access a PDF version of their Solid Life Reading Plan by clicking Here.

  3. The Mobile Word 
    If you’ve installed the YouVersion Bible app on your smart device or use it on your browser, you can also follow the Solid Life Reading plan on your app. You can either search for “Solid Life Reading Plan” under the app or follow this link and click on “Start this Plan” to subscribe. If you do not have the YouVersion Bible App and would like to install it, you may download it from your respective app store here.

Blessed Reading!

Pastor George

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