Power Play: It’s Not What You Think

10 November 2016


When it comes to how God works, He often operates in ways that are unexpected. God delights in using unlikely people to do His work in unusual ways. In Isaiah chapter 45, He used a Persian King named Cyrus to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and restore Israel to their land. Perhaps something equally unexpected will happen through the 45th president of the United States. People like King Cyrus and Donald Trump are examples of how God can use anyone (including you and me) to demonstrate His greatness and power.

On Sunday, I spoke on the topic “Power Play: It’s Not What You Think.” The message is about how easily we get confused about how the kingdom of God works because it is not based on the same principles as earthly kingdoms or enterprises. The operating system of the Kingdom is the opposite of what we would expect, which is why God’s ultimate Power Play was an act of weakness, suffering and sacrifice. The cross--an instrument of death and punishment--actually demonstrated God’s love and power. The cross turned the tables on the devil and ushered in the master plan of God to bring salvation to the world.

Many of us have experienced times of frustration in our lives, times when we have felt stuck and unable to move forward or experience the breakthrough that we know God has for us. We have promises that never seem to come into fulfilment and we are tempted to become discouraged and give up. Sometimes the struggle happens because we are still expecting God to work according to our expectations instead of by His kingdom principles (click here for access to the message).

I concluded the message with a prophetic word to our church. Prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is greatly needed in the confusing times that we live in. Prophecy confirms things that God has already been speaking and will always be in agreement with Scripture. Often, prophecy brings a specific insight and application to God’s promises in our lives. Please take a moment to read and weigh the word that God placed in my heart for you. I believe we are at an Acts chapter 13 moment. Just as God spoke to the church at Antioch in Acts 13:1-3, He is also speaking to us and this is what I hear Him saying:

“I chose you, I put my hand upon you and set you apart. I have worked your whole lifetime to prepare you for such a time as this. Now I am calling you to step out; to stand up and step out into the areas of ministry that I have shown you. You remember those things you have dreamed about and cherished in your heart, things that are precious to you. Things that you would not dare to discuss casually because you know that they came from Me and are holy in My sight.

You have kept these things in your heart just as Mary did when I first spoke to her about her life mission, her assignment to carry My life, My Son in her. She bore the ridicule and misunderstanding and accusations of many who assumed that she was impure--the gossip and scorn of words spoken that were untrue, speculative and hurtful to her. But she guarded her heart and you have done that as well.

Now the life conceived and implanted is about to break forth. A birth is coming. A release is here. Now at this time comes the fulfilment, the fruit, the deep joy and satisfaction of seeing the word of the Lord being accomplished. He called, He gave the vision. You have carried the burden and now is the time when it is being done! He is faithful, He has done it. It is coming to pass. Don’t look to the left or the right. Move straight ahead into your destiny and purpose.”

I want to say AMEN to God’s purpose and promise for us!

Ps George

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