Your Whole Life: Unlabeled for Life

26th October 2016 

What would your life be like if you never had a negative label placed on you? Most of us would like to know but can’t really answer because we have never experienced it! Labels and labeling are commonplace and the time of life when this is most impactful is during our younger years.

While not all labels are bad, they always fall short of describing the true wonder and value of a person. Of course, bad labels can have a huge negative impact. Others try to label us and we also learn to talk to ourselves in the wrong ways. Since the power of life and death is in the tongue, labels carry a lot of weight.

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So, who actually has the right to apply labels? Only three categories of people qualify.

  1. The manufacturer: If you make it, you can label it!

  2. The purchaser: Once you buy it, feel free to put your name or label on it.

  3. The owner: When something becomes yours, go ahead and add your label.

God qualifies in all three categories. He made us, He redeemed (or purchased) us, and when we declare Jesus as Lord, we are transferring ownership of our lives to Him! So the next time someone tries to put a label on you, reject it! Stick with what your manufacturer, purchaser and owner declares over your life.

We need to start paying a lot more attention to what God has to say about us. For this to happen, we need to get rid of those old labels. Some labels have a way of stubbornly staying attached and seem almost impossible to remove completely. A video by the group Mercy Me provides a beautiful illustration of how God can remove those old labels! To watch, click here.

Jesus knows how to disable the label so bring those stubborn and painful names, titles and labels to Him and watch what He does. There is a new name and a whole new identity waiting to be unveiled in you!

Glad to be unlabeled,

Ps George

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