Building the Family Altar

21st September 2016

On Sunday we heard from a true spiritual father, Bishop Moses Tay, who has served as a church advisor for many years. He spoke on the subject “Building the Family Altar” and used the story of Gideon found in Judges 6:1-35. In the story, God calls Gideon to deliver Israel from their oppressors, the Midianites.

Gideon seemed an unlikely candidate as he first expressed doubt but then decided to sacrifice a young goat to the Lord and build his first altar (vv. 17-24). Next, God instructed him to tear down his Father’s altar to the false god Baal, and to build an altar on behalf of his family and nation in its place. He was also to bring a young bull (the second bull of his father) to this new altar. Deliverance could not happen without the altar and the sacrifice.

As Bishop Tay was speaking about this, here is what he said in his own words:

“Then it was my turn to ask the Lord, ‘Why the second bull then?’ And the Lord showed me two things. One is the passion of Gideon, the longing and passion of Gideon is seen in verse 13 where he asks: ‘and where are all his wonderful deeds that our fathers recounted to us.’ In the time of persecution and helplessness and oppression Gideon was having this longing and passion: ‘Lord where are those days when you have led us out of Egypt in miracles and signs, recount to us, where are those, where are you?’

And then the Lord also showed me something, something in Gideon’s heart, He might have said something like this ‘Lord, if you only would deliver us,’ national deliverance—he was asking—not just my family but national deliverance of the whole nation of Israel; and I think we are called to national deliverance in these days, for nations to turn to the Lord. And Gideon might have bowed and said ‘Lord, I offer you my pet calf as a sacrifice when you deliver and restore us as a nation.’

In essence what the lord is showing me is that he has seen that Gideon’s heart deep beyond the depths of the Scripture. In other words, if that is the situation, then you can realize how if Gideon has said, ‘Lord if you deliver us, give us restoration and back to your miracles then I’ll offer my pet bull, my only bull to you.’ And the Lord is saying ‘Yes, I’ve seen your heart, so offer it now!’ 

And when I got that word the Lord said to me ‘This word... is for CPBC.’ So I’m here to deliver what the Lord wants to give to you, the revival is now.”

My understanding of this word to our church is as follows:

  • We are to hold onto our passion for God’s power and deliverance to be displayed.
  • We are to resolve our doubts, questions and fears and build altars of personal commitment to God.
  • We are to look to our families, tear down idols and build a family altar.
  • Prepare to make your sacrifice to God as you believe for both family and national revival.

Let these words, “The revival is now,” take root in your heart and move you to take the kind of action that Gideon took. We’ve waited and questioned and mourned long enough. Let’s build our altars and make our sacrifices.

The time is now,

Ps George

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