From Frustration to Fulfilment Testimony by Mr. Harry Loh

5th August 2016

Frustration. After being a Christian for more than 20 years, Harry realised that he was doubtful and uncertain about God and the direction of his life. Was this the abundant life that he had heard others talk about? Certainly not! He felt more like he was going through the motions of following Jesus but there was no vibrancy of hearing God’s voice and living a life of lasting meaning and impact.

What to do? Rather than giving up, Harry (being an accountant) took inventory of his life and set out to discover if it was actually possible to have the kind of life that Jesus promised. If God was real, then he was going to follow him wholeheartedly but if not, then it was time to quit fooling himself and move on without all of the duties and drudgery of trying to be a “good” Christian when there were no real results to show for it.

The result? After a time of fasting, prayer and earnestly seeking to know God, things began to change. Opportunities to serve in prison ministry, to visit an orphanage in Thailand and then a connection to a pastor in Myanmar unexpectedly opened. After some careful checking and seeking God for confirmation, a partnership was born that has resulted in the Rainbow Children’s home in Yangon.

Fulfilment. Harry’s doubts were overcome and he and his family are experiencing the kind of life that he once thought was an illusion. Yes, there are still major challenges but He has seen God’s hand at work even when everything was going wrong. He found the life he always wanted and it is an abundant life in Christ.

An Inventory. In August, we are taking a church-wide inventory to help us have a clear picture of where we are versus where we want to be as followers of Jesus. We will assess five foundational areas of our lives:

  1. Faith (what we believe and how well we are living it out)

  2. Identity (do we know who we are and what our purpose is?)

  3. Relationships (how are we growing in our connections with others?)

  4. Sexuality (do we understand and live out our sexuality according to God’s design?)

  5. Worldview (are the core values of our hearts shaped by God and His Word or by the culture around us?)

The online inventory is 100 questions, will take about 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. The results will be complied by Focus on the Family and will help us identify key areas and steps for growing big people! A shrunken, substandard life in Christ appeals to nobody. A fulfilled and overflowing life, however, is the very thing that Jesus promises.

Are you ready for a change? I encourage you to join me in doing some stocktaking followed by steps for serious and lasting change. We begin the journey this Sunday (7 August) and will ask everyone in our church family (ages 13 and above) to participate in the online assessment. What follows is the promise of abundant life (John 10:10). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the life you’ve always wanted, the life that Jesus promised in John 10:10.

We are on the verge of something great!

Ps George

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