Youth Sunday: Building it right!

7th July 2016

Our Christian walk is defined by many things. We often relate to being a son or daughter, a worker ,a light and even a field or a tree but we hardly ever view our lives in the perspective of a building. In 1 Corinthians 3:9, Paul clearly defines a Christian as God’s building. In regards to a building, there are three main things that we need to consider; the Foundation,the Blueprint and the Purpose.

Solomon is arguably the most successful king that Israel ever had. Surrounding kings and dignitaries would travel far and wide to just sit and listen to the wisdom of Solomon. He brought Israel into their golden age. What was his foundation? Solomon understood two basic principles, the first principle was that he understood his role. In 1 Kings 3:7, Solomon understood that while he was placed in a position as a king, he identified himself as a servant king. A successful king is not measured by how lavish or rich his palace is but by the lives of his people and Solomon understood that his role was to serve the Israelites.

The second principle was that Solomon was able to see God’s promise in the nation of Israel. Solomon took over during a tumultuous time but despite all the in-fighting among the leaders, he still believed that not only Israel was God’s chosen people but they were a great people (1 Kings 3:8).

Having understood these principles, Solomon was set up to give the right answer to God. He could have asked for fame, wealth or power but instead he asked for discernment because that was what he thought he needed to serve the Israelites. Our problem as Christians is that we do not know what we want. God was pleased with Solomon’s answer and gave him so much more than he could think. Understand your role and God’s promise in your workplace, school , church or home and that will set you up for a really strong foundation!

Now comes the blueprint. Nobody builds a house/building without having some sort of plan. You don’t want to end up having a house filled with only bathrooms! In Genesis 12, God shows up to Abram and begins to tell Abram about his blueprint. He was to take his possessions and family to go to a land where God had promised Abram and his descendants because God was about to bless him tremendously.

The first thing we have to understand is that God’s blueprint is always bigger than our own. Abram was 75 years old when he left and despite never ever having a single heir, God’s promise was that He will turn Abram into a great nation. What seems impossible to you is never impossible with God Sticking to God’s blueprint is easier said than done because it requires obedience. I believe our Christian journey can be summarised into three parts - listening, faith and obedience. We find a lot of Christians struggling not because we are not listening or have a lack of faith but we fail to be obedient and follow God’s instruction. It is through obedience where we see true transformation happen!

Now that you got your foundation and building done, what is your building for? Nobody builds a building without a purpose. In Judges 2: 1-2 , God reaffirmed His covenant with Joshua and the Israelites and warned them not to make a covenant with another. We are built to be set apart. The world wants us to conform and be like them but light can never blend with darkness. Realise that God has set you apart to be His testimony and do not give in!

We are also built to build up others. Society has defined friendship as empathy and sympathy meaning that how much I can empathise and sympathise with you determines how good of a friend I am. In Judges 2:10-11, we see that Joshua and the elders failed to build people and a generation grew up not knowing who God was and what He had done. A true friend is someone who is not afraid to remind that person of who God is and His faithfulness regardless of their circumstance. We are called to transform not to conform!

If we live on the victories of the past, we will die by the battles of the present. Let's all take a look at our buildings and ask God for His help in establishing a foundation that will stand the test of time and trials. Let's rediscover God’s blueprint once again and make sure we are obedient to it and lastly lets never forget our purpose! Let’s build it right!

Ps. Tristan

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