What to Think About Pink? Part 2

1st June 2016

The “I Heart Pink” Conference that CPBC hosted last Saturday and Sunday drew together many people from several churches and organizations in Singapore. I want to say a big word of thanks and appreciation to Pastors Simon and Tristan who conceived and made this event a reality. Our church staff along with a great team of volunteers came together to prepare materials, operate the lights and sound, welcome participants and host our speakers.

The conference provided powerful testimonies, insightful teaching and practical ways of dealing with the sensitive, complex and sometimes confusing subject of sexuality. On the question of how are we to approach and engage people who do not share our beliefs and values, we need a starting point. We were challenged to follow the example of Jesus who showed love and compassion towards people who had lifestyles that were obviously contrary to God’s design for living.

Jesus met people where they were, engaged them, extended mercy and offered a new beginning. Some examples include Zacchaeus the corrupt tax collector, the Samaritan woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery and Saul the persecutor. Jesus approached people with love, acceptance and forgiveness while never compromising the truth of God’s Word. He did not whitewash sin and neither did He have flexible interpretations on right and wrong. The only people He confronted were the superior religionists.

Can we accept and befriend people with lifestyles and values that are different from ours without judging or condemning them? Can we hold onto biblical truth when our beliefs are being challenged or ridiculed? These are the challenges we face. These are also the opportunities before us as we engage with people who do not share our beliefs but who desperately need to know the love of God.

We can be anchored to God’s unchanging principles and instructions for living in Scripture without being the religious police. The starting point is seeing the value of every person in spite of how they may be living, just like Jesus did. I foresee that we will have many opportunities to follow His example in the days ahead. The world is dying for the change that only love can bring.

Learning to speak the truth in love,

Ps. George

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