What to Think About Pink? Part 1

25th May 2016

We live in unusual times. People are asking questions and having discussions about sexuality that would make previous generations blush. Sexual opinions, options and orientations have taken on more than 50 shades of grey. Facebook now offers a list of 50 gender identity options and if none of those suit you, go ahead and make up your own even more personalized description.

In Singapore, the annual Pink Dot event is calling for laws to change so people will have the freedom to love in any and every way they might want to. Seems like everything sexual is being redefined and traditional boundaries are being removed. In fact, one of the last obstacles that stands in the way of a completely unbridled sexual revolution is the Bible.

In spite of attempts to replace, reinterpret or reject the teachings of Scripture regarding sexual conduct, God’s Word speaks with amazing clarity, forthrightness and conviction about this most personal area of life. The Bible might seem backwards and repressive to some but its teachings have been followed with remarkable results for thousands of years. While it is true that believers have sometimes failed to properly understand and apply these timeless principles (the crusades and Spanish inquisition are two sad examples of this), the positive impact of the Bible is unmistakable.

Author Vishal Mangalwadi describes this in The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization. Some of his key questions and observations include:

  • What triggered the West's passion for scientific, medical, and technological advancement
  • How the biblical notion of human dignity informs the West's social structure
  • How the Bible created a fertile ground for women to find social and economic empowerment
  • How the Bible cultivates compassion, human rights, prosperity, and strong families
  • The role of the Bible in the transformation of education

God’s Word has been impacting and informing human hearts and actions for centuries. No wonder its teachings are seen as a major threat by advocates of sexual freedom. No wonder so many are trying to change what the Bible plainly teaches about gender, marriage, fidelity and morality. Someone has said that the Bible is our Basic Instructions for Living Before Leaving Earth. I wholeheartedly agree with this description. If God has given us this book, we would be foolish to ignore or dismiss it.

Let me recommend the recipe for living that has been proven by billions. The timeless teachings of the Scripture will outlast popular opinion and opposition. I am learning to let my values, thinking and lifestyle be shaped by the words of a loving creator who made us with the best things in mind. I trust His Word far more than the latest trending ideas. Let me urge you to go back to the source, back to the words that give life, back to the Bible.

Sticking with the book!

Ps. George

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