First Things pt. 6: First Cover-Up (Genesis 3:1-13)

11th May 2016

Immediately after Adam and Even ate from the tree that God had forbidden, things changed. They realised they were naked and the first cover up in history took place. Fig leaves were made into clothes to conceal their nakedness but they panicked when God came near. Instead of stepping forward to welcome Him, they took cover in the trees until He came and called them out. Here is a picture of their condition and of ours.

Ashamed, fearful and hiding are a pretty good description of where sin leaves us. We have had thousands of years to get creative with our use of fig leaves and to construct more and more elaborate hiding places but the underlying cause is unchanged, we know there is something embarrassingly wrong with us so we try to devise ways of covering up our true selves and of avoiding direct contact with the one who sees it all.

BlameboardAlso, we have followed the example of Adam and Eve in manufacturing excuses for our conduct. Adam tried to push the blame to Eve and even back to God for creating her in the first place. Eve pointed to the serpent but none of these diversions worked. The high price of sin had to be paid and as God addresses each player in this drama, responsibility landed where it belonged. There was no avoiding His penetrating gaze but it was not a look of anger and fault-finding but of sobering compassion and sorrow that they saw on the face of their creator.

The words God spoke in the garden are still felt today. Sin, along with the curse that came upon the earth is still present (v. 17). The prophecy that the seed of the woman would strike the head of the serpent (v. 15) was fulfilled at the cross where the devil’s rule over human hearts was broken. Christ stepped in and took responsibility to pay the price for our sin. God’s kingdom is now present in the earth and freedom is available but the effects of sin and Satan’s rule are still active until the final victory when Christ returns.

The last residue of the sin in the garden will be erased when we see Him face to face. Until then, there will be struggles and pain but we have caught a glimpse of what is coming! We have hope and courage to step out of darkness and live without fearing the eyes of the Lord but to welcome His penetrating gaze of love, truth and forgiveness. Come out from your hiding place. Jesus has made it safe to stand in His presence, He’s got you covered!

No longer a slave to fear,

Ps George

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