Roots and Fruits: The Spirit of Sonship and the Root of Performance (Rom 8:12-17)

If you want good fruit, take a look at the roots. We have been doing this the past few weeks as we have examined the root issues of rejection, fear, shame, and unresolved offences. These are a few of the bad roots that will produce bitter fruit in our lives. God’s goal is to remove toxic issues from our hearts. His perfect love casts out fear and His fatherly acceptance brings healing from rejection. The spirit of honour is the solution for shame and the work of the Holy Spirit in making us sons and daughters of God is the answer to the root of performance.

In Romans 8, Paul describes how the work of the Holy Spirit sets us free from our human efforts to be good enough for God. Our attempts to perform and earn God’s approval spring from a part of our human nature that wants to be deserving of His love and acceptance.   Paul uses the term “the flesh” to describe this negative impulse of our hearts which can only produce temporary and imperfect results. The finished work of Christ makes it possible for us to experience true sonship and adoption so that we can enjoy a precious relationship with God rather than trying to earn it.

The tendency to try and impress God rather than simply relating to Him is a very deep root indeed and sometimes we do not realize how often we actually do this. Below are 10 statements that can help you determine if you are performing rather than enjoying!

You Might Be Performing if:

  1. You are in the habit of comparing yourself with others
  2. You feel jealous or condemned when others are blessed
  3. You measure spiritual progress primarily in terms of activity
  4. You have a high need to tell others about these activities (need for approval)
  5. You are overly critical of yourself and others
  6. When you sin, you do more spiritual activities
  7. You often doubt the reality of God’s love
  8. You feel like a second-class citizen of God’s kingdom
  9. You have doubt and insecurity about how God feels about you (where you stand)
  10. You see God as a stern judge or master instead of a Kind Father

If you have been performing, the Holy Spirit wants to do a good work in your life! Resting in sonship is far better than trying to wrestle your flesh into submission. You can stop trying to impress God and enjoy the intimacy of calling him “Abba “or Papa as you experience what it means to be chosen, adopted and fully accepted.

You are his beloved child,

Ps George

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