LIGHT IT UP! pt 4: God’s Glory and Your Story

Here is a simple truth: your story without God’s glory is missing the most essential ingredient. We are all designed to shine, created to be radiant with God’s brilliance and glory. When this happens, anything is possible but when God’s glory is absent, our best efforts fail to produce what we hoped for.

Moses is a good example of this. Though born a Hebrew slave, he was adopted into the family of Pharaoh with all of the privileges and opportunities of royalty. He was a high achiever, a born leader and a man very likely to succeed. His promising future was destroyed, however, by a single incident when he saw a Hebrew slave being beaten by his Egyptian taskmaster. Acting on impulse, Moses killed the Egyptian and overnight he became a fugitive. His first 40 years were spent with the best of everything but for the next 40 he was a shepherd in the wilderness. The glorious future that had been forecast for him as a young man was over before it began so he settled down to a new and more humble life in the hills and valleys of the Sinai desert.

Going from the palace to the pasture could not have been easy but Moses eventually mastered the ways of the wilderness and became expert at where to find water and good grazing land. He learned how to read the sun, moon and weather patterns and grew accustomed to the long, sleepless nights out in the open. Life was predictable but he had a family, and a career that kept food on the table. His former dreams of leadership and greatness had long since faded away.

All of that changed on the day God spoke his name from a burning bush. The God who created him had not forgotten him but was actually preparing him for the greatest mission of his life. While uncertain and reluctant, Moses began to burn with a new passion and purpose from that moment forward. The things he had learned in Egypt prepared him to face Pharaoh and his life as a shepherd equipped him to take his liberated countrymen through the desert and into a land of promise.

Along the way there were challenges, battles, miracles and amazing demonstrations of God’s presence with His people. Through it all, Moses discovered the secret of having a life that shone for God. His prayer in Ex 33:18, “Now show me your glory” was a request that God was ready to answer and the result was an encounter that left Moses glowing like a candle.

As we prepare to enter the new year, I believe there are glory encounters waiting for us. We are stepping into a new season of experiencing God’s presence and burning more brightly than ever before. Let me encourage you to boldly pray the prayer that Moses prayed and to expect supernatural answers.

2016 is our time to shine with the glory of Jesus so LIGHT IT UP!

Ps George

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