Light It Up pt.2: Rottweiler Faith


Shalom from Israel!

Most of you know that we have a team from the church doing a Holy Land tour which is just about to conclude. It has been wonderful to walk where Jesus walked and to be reminded of God’s faithfulness to keep His promises! I am also rejoicing over a church family that is committed to doing what Jesus did as we continue to reach out to touch people with God’s love and the gift of salvation through Jesus! I am thanking God for the 52 decisions for Christ that took place on Sunday through the CWAM musical "Home" and the Zhu Ai Zhi Jia outreach at HighPoint on Sunday night!

We are engaged in harvest activities this month with several more outreaches just ahead including “Home for Christmas” with Moses Lim on 19 Dec, Saturday night. Please pray with faith and expectation for many more hearts to open to receive the love of God! I know a lot of time and work is going on behind the scenes and I want to thank all of those who have been preparing for these events.

We are receiving A HARVEST OFFERING each Sunday as we continue to reach out at home and in the nations to share the good news with others and introduce them to Jesus! The Harvest Offering will help us finish the year strongly as all of the ministries of the church are mobilised to fulfil our mission as a church. We want to live out our faith and calling as a people who are Connected to God, Committed to Grow and who have Compassion to Go and make a difference wherever we are!

I am so grateful for each of you and so excited about what God is doing in these days as we come together for the harvest. A great year is ahead in 2016 and we will continue to see hearts open and many more people coming into faith and new life in Christ. Let’s continue to give, pray and go into the harvest. The time for reaping and rejoicing is here!

With gratitude for each of you,

Ps George

Light It Up pt.2:

Rottweiler Faith

On Sunday, pastor Mike Reyes began with the account in 1 Samuel 14: Jonathan and his armour-bearer climbed up a steep slope in order to gain access to their enemy, the Philistines. Jonathan was convinced that God was able to give them the victory despite their severe disadvantages - they were heavily outnumbered and they had to use their hands and feet to climb up the steep slope. What's more, Jonathan was the one who picked the fight knowing that God was able to give them the victory. What boldness! The killing of 20 Philistines, struck fear into the entire Philistine army so that the battle was won on that day. Mike went on to share recent testimonies of how God had given great breakthrough in healings and prophetic words which resulted in the salvation of many. He stressed that God is able to use us like he used Jonathan if we trust in Him.

Ps Howard

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