Light It Up pt.1: (Isaiah 60:1-3)

As quickly as it went last year, December and Christmas is upon us again! True to this season, the emphasis everywhere is about the light of Christ but this week at CPBC, we read again the popular verses from the prophet Isaiah (60:1-3) and thought it best that we do something about the light!

These insightful verses remind us that the glory of our Lord rises over the church like the sunrise and we have to rise up and bring hope to the peoples around us (60:1) by being a beacon to a world void of this light (60:2). Then people will be drawn to this light of the gospel (60:3).

How then can we be this beacon of light? In this church, it’s definitely through our Community Services. Recently renamed CLUB Ministries, this ministry focuses on caring for the pioneers and the needy families in our community. Here’s a little information about each of them.

Hobby CLUBengages the pioneers in activities that keep the participants active and vibrant. This fortnightly gathering has sprouted into cell groups, home visits and life-long friendships.

Friends CLUBadopts homes of those who live by themselves in rented blocks to befriend and help with the needs of each household. Neighbour-by-neighbour; floor-by-floor is their motto and deep friendships are formed through their care.

Reading CLUBserves children from lower income families who cannot afford tuition teachers and enrichment classes. Volunteers buddy-read and help with school homework. Great relationships are forged with the children and parents through their time together.

Praise Dancewhich originated from Taiwan has participants exercising with praise music in the community. Each group is a lighthouse of the LORD’s glory and the evidence of that is through their joy and youthfulness even though the participants are in their golden years.

This season, as we celebrate and sing about the “light of the world who stepped down into darkness”, won’t we choose to be a representation of this wonderful light?

Pastor Simon Tan

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