Basic Questions About Big Issues pt.6: What is our Hope?

As believers, we sometimes expect everything in our lives to go smoothly and without incident because of all the great promises in the bible. We sometimes, however, forget that God's prophets, the apostles and even Jesus himself suffered great hardship here on earth. The difference is that, because we have the assurance of eternal life and a great destination with great rewards waiting for us, the hardships of this life pales into insignificance.

Galvin and Dorothy illustrated this so beautifully on Sunday through their testimony. Yes, there was the great victory of Dorothy's amazing healing from leukaemia yet they had to walk through the premature
demise of both parents. This cloud definitely has a silver lining - an album of original songs testifying to the goodness of God even in tough times.

I urge you to hear to their testimony, listen to their songs and be encouraged in the Lord.

Ps Howard

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