Basic Questions About Big Issues pt.4: How Do We Make Sense of Suffering and Pain?

Genesis chapters 37-50 tell the story of a young man who faced enormous obstacles including rejection by family members, false accusation and multiple discouraging moments. In spite of deep pain and suffering, he rose to greatness! Take a moment to read my summary of this amazing story titled: The Paradoxical Pathway of Joseph.

Joseph’s dreams perched him on a pedestal but also produced persecution by peeved partial siblings who pushed him into a pit and then plotted to sell him like a poor peasant for a pittance!

Potiphar paid for Joseph and promptly perceived God's presence upon his potential-filled purchase. He proceeded to promote him, thus producing positive and prosperous results.

Potiphar's wife pursued Joseph in his youthful prime as a prospect for passionate play but he persistently refused her promiscuous proposals. Pouting with wounded pride over her failed propositions, she petulantly perjured herself to prosecute him.

Prison placement was God's peculiar preparation for him to rise in prominence. Put into a position of penitentiary management, he pinpointed penal problems and produced perfect prison order.

Two puzzling prophetic dreams paved the way for Joseph's presentation in the palace. Pharaoh perceived that this prisoner's power to plainly interpret perplexing pictures was providential. Joseph proposed a plan to pile up provisions to pull them through 7 years of poor precipitation and perilous poverty. Pharaoh promptly picked Joseph as the preferred prime minister to proceed with the preparations!

On a particular day, Joseph’s brothers followed protocol and properly bowed in his presence as they came to purchase provisions, thus proving that prophetic dreams produce powerful results. Profoundly moved by seeing them prostrated, Joseph refrained from punishing papa’s progeny and with painful pathos, he proclaimed his common paternity to them.

His petrified brothers were properly penitent and pleaded for his pity. Joseph pacified them by promising his protection and a place to park in Egypt. Their proud efforts to plunge Joseph down had propelled him up into God’s plan to prepare and position him as a provider who prevented populations of impoverished people from perishing!

The pertinent points of the parable?

  1. Placement on pedestals promotes pride, producing painful repercussions
  2. Pity parties in pits or prisons are not productive
  3. Provocative propositions may be present during times of prosperity so plan to persistently refuse all promiscuous persuasions and be prepared for persecution as a party pooper
  4. Prevent poisonous plans from prevailing by putting your faith in God's positive promises. He will provide pathways for promotion to princely pinnacles and prove his good purposes with perfect punctuality!

Praising his name!

Ps. George

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