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Vol 161003 October 2016

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16b)

In this verse, only two things are needed in order to receive “wonderful results”: earnest prayer and your righteousness. I’m sure that you don’t have a problem with being earnest, but you are probably being reminded of your own sin even as you read this verse.

It is a fact that, YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS if you are a committed Christ follower: “For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.” (2Cor 5:21 NLT). The only thing left then, in order for us to receive these wonderful results, spoken of in this verse, is earnest prayer.

This past Friday evening, 21st October, our quarterly prayer meeting took the form of all-night prayer. This is something we haven’t dCPBCPrayerAltarone in many years. The theme of the night was “Building Prayer Altars”.

We even built our own symbolic altar. After a time of worship, Ps George went on to share about the importance of altars in the Bible, and how important building a “prayer altar” should be to us. He also shared the differences between prayer meetings and prayer altars as well as the key elements of the Prayer Altar as practiced in Uganda. God gave the strategy to this nation and the transformation was profound. As a result, it has been adopted in many nations around the world. A conference will be held in November (18th-20th at Grace Assembly of God) in order to launch this strategy in Singapore as well. Click Here to register, admission is free.

Differences: Prayer Meetings and Prayer Altars
Prayer Altars Prayer Meetings
Focus The Presence of God Petitioning God
Agenda God’s Agenda Our Agenda
  • 10 Chapters a day
  • Hallowing His name
  • Deep repentance
  • Identificational repentence
  • Seek His face, not hand
Singing some songs and then going through a list of prayer points
What to expect?

Change in spiritual atmosphere and land

Change in situations
Time needed Needs commitment & consistency no matter what May stop once problems solved
Attitude revealed Humility and hunger for God’s desires Hope for Answers

As we continued through the night, Joy Myers led us as we built a prayer altar for the families and marriages in CPBC. That was followed by Angela and Kok Hong as they directed us in prayer for our local church, CPBC. Later, Charissa guided us as we prayed for the Youth and Young Adults of CPBC. She asked us to, firstly, write down any names of youth and young adults that we could remember on post-it notes. Then we were invited to write down prophetic words for them. We later pasted these on our white board.

1 The Focus of the Altar: The Presence of God
2 The Agenda of the Altar: What is God's Will?

The Activity of the Altar:

Integrated Disciples
4 The Purpose of the Altar Changing the Spiritual Atmosphere

Here were some of the words:

“Jer 33:3 – Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known”.

“God is preparing every single piece: moulding different parts of the ship. It will go through the storm where relationships will be tested but this ship will come out unharmed for the power of God will hold them together. It will be battered but it will come out stronger”

“I will cause you to rise up in the midst of this great darkness and declare my truth to the nations. You shall declare My truth with great boldness and without fear”

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed: A new breed without greed”

“The Lord will lift up every valley before you and level every mountain”

“Arise and Shine”

Ps Timothy then went on to lead us in building prayer alters for the cells of CPBC. Ps Simon concluded with prayer for the Seven Mountains of our nation, Singapore.

Truly, it was a night of great breakthrough. At around 2am, I detected a definite “shift in the spirit” with regard to prayer in CPBC. I strongly believe that in the days and months to come, we will see the manifestation of this “shift” in our church. It may come in different forms: A fresh spirit of love in our church, people who we’ve been praying for, for a long time will suddenly “see the light”, personal breakthroughs, family conflicts resolved, increase in finances, increase in attendance, strongholds of sin broken etc. Look out for these things and testify!7Mountains

 Finally, I encourage you to build a prayer alter in your home/work/office etc. Get this little booklet at the church office for only $1.50, to see how you can…BE GOD’S AGENT OF TRANSFORMATION IN THE NATION! BuildingPrayerAltars 

If you have a testimony of answered prayer, please Whatsapp me on 97107880.


Ps Howard.

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