War Room Vol 161002


Vol 161002 June 2016


Ifyou are already spending much time in prayer, you will agree that the quote above is perfectly true. That is because you would have already seen seemingly impossible situations change, situations that could not have changed any other way. It’s amazing how even though we know we need to spend so much more time in prayer, we don’t. I guess we all need to be encouraged to pray more, hence this blog.

 Just this morning, I woke up at 4:25am. I had a choice: turn over and go back to sleep (which I often do) or get up, go to the lounge, pull out my little kneeling cushion (the tile floor somehow feels harder early in the morning – or am I just getting old?J) and spend some time with the Father. I’m so glad I did the latter; I really felt like I had a breakthrough in that 30 minutes or so that I spent in the War Room. When the outcome manifests, I will probably look back and realise that this morning was one of the key contributing prayer times. We’ve had a few wonderful answers to prayer lately in our family:



  1. We have been praying for a few months for a better job for Cyle (our son in South Africa) because he was being paid late most months - sometimes up to 3 weeks and also had to take a pay cut after they lost a few big clients. He just recently landed a new job with Nelson Mandela Metro University in Port Elizabeth! (He also wanted to be closer to his girlfriend who lives near PE – I’ll bet that’s what he was praying forJ.)
  2. The franchise Joy worked for unexpectedly closed down at the end of February after she had worked there for only two months. We were tempted to panic given the difficulty in pass approvals lately but instead we went to the War Room! Praise the Lord, a position opened at another branch of the same company and her EP was approved in record time.


War Roommates have also been praying for various corporate events recently:




1. The Leadership Camp with

Dr Daniel Brown at YWCA, Fort Canning. Thanks to all who prayed; I believe that we will see good changes taking place in CPBC as a direct result of what God did through this camp.


2. IPink Conference. This conference attracted people from many churches and was a ground-breaking one in Singapore. Although there was much potential for misunderstanding, the result was a fresh understanding of how to love people who identify as LGBT as well as discovering what the Bible actually says about alternative lifestyles. The result was a successful, peaceful conference. Thank you for praying.


Here is a testimony by Ken Cheong about how God sustained him and gave him peace in a very traumatic incident:


“Dear Pastor, I would like to share with our brothers & sister on how our Lord and Saviour protected me from an car accident that happened today. I was driving from a slip road & wanted to turn into the main road (T-junction). I checked the traffic from left & right and the blind spot mirror and saw that it was safe to proceed. When I was at the middle of the road, a car came from my right and hit me on the driver’s side. Because of the great impact, I knocked my head against side window which shattered on impact. The cars parking on the right side of the road had blocked my view of on-coming vehicles. I was stunned after the accident and I prayed "Heal me oh Lord! And I will be healed. Save me oh Lord! And I will be saved. For you are the One I praise". I was calm & at peace even though I could feel a little of pain on the right side of my face and was bleeding quite badly.




I got out of the car from the front left passenger seat door and immediately a Caucasian (a kind Samaritan) who lives right in front of the traffic junction came to my assistance & asked his maid to bring out a chair, a bucket of water and tissue papers for me to hold onto my wounds to stop the bleeding. He even offered to send me to the hospital but the other driver had already called an ambulance which arrived shortly afterwards together with the traffic police. I was taken to Raffles Hospital and was told that there were multiple cuts and swelling on the right side of my face. One of the cuts was very bad and deep and they could even see the muscle, it was about 4.5cm long. They gave me a CT scan then arranged for me to see the plastic surgeon for assessment. 


Thank God for His mercy, the CT scan showed that my skull was fine and that there was no internal bleeding on the brain. I was cleared for surgery to clean the wounds, remove the glass and stitch the cuts. Before the surgery Pastor Larry prayed for me and when I went into surgery, I prayed again "Heal me oh Lord! And I will be healed. Save me oh Lord! And I will be saved. For you are the One I praise". The verse from Proverbs 3:5&6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not lean on your own understanding. Submit all your ways to Him and He will make your path straight" came to my mind. 

So I prayed that and thanked our Lord for his mercy and protection. I said: “I believe in Him, trust Him and have faith in Him and I submit all to Him that He will also send his angels (the Surgeon & nurses performing the surgery) to perform the surgery smoothly, with minimum pain for me and they will do a good job”. I only felt a little pain when the surgeon injected the anaesthetic to numb the area surrounding the cuts before doing the cleaning, removing the glass and stitching. Throughout the whole process I was feeling very peaceful & knew that our Lord was with me. I thank our Lord & Saviour for His mercy and grace and for His deliverance that I only sustained external injuries from this accident.

I am confident that our faithful & compassionate God will heal me completely without any side effect from this accident. Praise and glory to our Lord & Saviour. His love never fails. Amen”


What an encouraging testimony of God’s grace even in a traumatic situation like an accident.


I would like to urge all who are already part of this War Room community to continue setting aside at least one hour per week to pray through personal issues as well as for the church and others – as the Holy Spirit guides you. Keep a journal of prayer requests and answers. This will greatly encourage you and others.

Here are some ideas about how to spend an hour a week:


If you would like to be part of the War Room community to receive (and send) encouragements, updates and testimonies, please Whatsapp me on 97107880 and I will include you.




Ps Howard.