Adult and Family Cells

If you want to actively participate in the family of God and get involved in vital ministries, then join a C-Praise cell group.
A cell group is where we receive support and encouragement, learn truths and overcome challenges in life. The members of C-Praise cells enjoy many things such as lively Bible discussions, which sometimes follow a sermon teaching series, sport, games, outreach, training, and counselling opportunities. Cells are also encouraged to practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
It is through cell activities that CPBC is involved in vital help to drug offenders, poor people and the elderly. The cell group is where serving God takes on a deep significance through us being a blessing to many people for God's purposes. For more information, please email

Family & Adult Cells:

Cell Leaders: Daniel & Esther Sim
Day & Time: Friday 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult

Cell Leaders: Dave Tang
Day & Time: Monday 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult Men "ROI Chapter 2"


Cell Leaders: Jun Yi
Day & Time: Friday 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult "J-Walk"


Cell Leaders: James & Lillian Tan
Day & Time: Saturday 4:30pm
Remarks: Adult Young Families, Children Welcome!


Cell Leaders: Johnny & Jessie Wong
Day & Time: Friday 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult "JJ Home"


Cell Leaders: Brandon Phay
Venue: North region of Singapore
Day & Time: Friday 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult "NOC"


Cell Leaders: Willy Reyes 
Venue: Holland Village
Day & Time: Friday 7.30am
Remarks: Adult Men "ROI Chapter 1"


Cell Leaders: Jackson Tong & Chow Kim Nam
Day & Time: Friday 8:00pm
Remarks: Young Couples Cell


Cell Leaders: Jansen & Daphne Chua
Venue: Contact leader for more details
Day & Time: Every third Friday of the month, 8:00pm
Remarks: Adult "Bunch Group"

Cell Leaders: James Tan & Lewis Koh
Venue: Blk 18 Boon Lay Way #04-12, Tradehub 21 (Kids Church)
Day & Time: Saturday 4:30 pm
Remarks: Adult - Young Families

Cell Leaders: Timothy Das
Time & Date: Thursday 8pm