Vision and Values

Our Vision?     . . . . . . We’re All About Relationships

Who are we?  We are a church with a focus on building relationships, relationships that make a difference.  We got this idea from God Himself who absolutely loves and lives in great relationships! From the first chapter of the Bible until its conclusion, God is a relational God who exists in perfect love, agreement and unity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   He also designed and created us to relate to Himself and one another in the same way (for more on this, click here).

Where are we going?  We are learning how to pursue and live out a vision to build great relationships with God, family, friends and others.  We have three primary ways of doing this.

  1. Connected to God.  A restored and dynamic relationship with God is the reason Jesus came to earth, died and rose again. Jesus is the way to re-connect with God and experience the love, forgiveness and new life that He freely gives!  Everything changes as we plug into this new life and stay connected through God’s Word and power of the Holy Spirit!   Our God connection also results in a stronger connection with those around us—our neighbours.
  1. Committed to Grow.  We are committed to growth in every dimension of life, starting with our most important relationships!  Fruitfulness and success are not accidental but the result of an intentional process of lifelong learning and maturing. Our connection to God and commitment to grow produces a changed life overflowing with lasting fruit that touches others.
  1. Compassion to Go.  Our connection to God and commitment to grow is best expressed as we go and share God’s love and salvation.  Compassion is the engine that drives our mission because love makes every person valuable and every relationship important.  We start at home but our mission takes us to the nations because compassion compels us to go!

Why does this matter?  We live in a relationally strained and broken world and there are hurting and lonely people all around us.  Bad relationships break people and good relationships help put them back together!  The greatest evidence of a true follower of Christ is when our love does something that is visible, impactful and eternal (John 15:8).

How do we do this?  Our Sunday church services build people up through worship, prayer, great messages and joyful celebrations with our church family.  Cell groups provide deeper times of fellowship, care for one another and are springboards to reach out to others.  Training and equipping ministries help prepare us to serve effectively.  Cells and teams are reaching out to communities in Singapore and beyond through community service, events, and practical care for those in need.  Jesus made it clear that serving others is the platform for building kingdom relationships (Mark 10:42-45).

What are the rewards?  Healthy marriages and families, friendships marked by faithfulness and commitment, neighbours and communities that are truly valued and cared for and a world that sees the difference that Christ makes in and through His people!

What can you do?  Join us on this journey of being deeply Connected to God, strongly Committed to Grow and overflowing with Compassion to Go!